ADDICTED is one of the well-known and long-standing multi branded stores in Seoul, Korea.


ADDICTED had started as a trading and importing company in December 2003, and in the following year, 

the first store was opened at Apgujung Rodeo District, which is the high-end fashion area in Seoul.


The business got expanded into a multi brand concept store with a flagship store and, ADDICTED has been introducing more than 200 world-wide designers to Korean fashion market before anyone else.


In 2008, Addicted was named as a “One of the leading 2nd Generation of Concept Stores in Korea” by

“Apparel news,” by influential Korean fashion newspaper, for opening its way as the 2nd generation concept stores to introduce young and newly recognized designers as well as cultural street brands to Korean fashion market.


Furthermore, the Seoul city government selected ADDICTED as a KOREAN WAVE / HALLYU tourism attraction

in 2013 as the store is frequently visited by K-pop celebrities as well as by Japanese and Chinese tourists.


ADDICTED’s E-commerce website has made its first appearance in 2003 as a front runner in its field, and

it has been an outstanding business platform. "EADDICTED.COM” is only open to members and it has more than 100 thousand subscribed members including Korean Celebrities, Stylists, Buyers, Fashion editors.

The online store has been playing an important role in making new world-wide brands and designers acquainted

to Korean customers, and also in expanding awareness for the designers and the brand in the industry.


ADDICTED still keeps up with discovering and supporting young and rising designers, in order to lead the trends in its domestic market with its up-to-date and diverse brand selection. 





(주)에디션 EDITION(에딕티드)은 2003년 12월 무역/수입 유통 회사로 사업을 시작.

2004년 하이엔드 패션의 중심지인 서울 압구정에 첫 단독 매장 에딕티드 (ADDICTED)를 오픈,


직수입 리테일 형태의 편집 매장으로 사업을 확장 하였으며, 약 10년에 걸친 오랜 히스토리와 오리지널리티를


인정 받으며 국내 패션 시장을 리딩 하는 영향력 있는 리테일로 성장 해 왔습니다.


(주)에디션 (에딕티드)은 기존의 것에 안주 하지 않고 동시대적인 해외 트렌드에 주목 하며 매 시즌 참신한 상품의


구성과 새로운 디자이너를 발굴 해 국내 패션 시장에 새로운 트렌드와 스타일을 제시 하기 위해 노력 합니다.

10년 이상의 오랜 경험과 노하우를 바탕으로 더욱 다양하고 복합적인 리테일 셀렉션을 제안 하고 있으며,


국내 브랜딩과 수입/유통을 중심으로 한 에이전시로 발돋움 하고 있습니다.










   2003. 12 - ADTD DIST established. / ADTD 디스트리부션 설립.


   2004. 1 - Launching E-store / 런칭.


   2004. 4 - Opening a store ADDICTED Apgujeong rodeo st. in Seoul / 에딕티드 압구정 로데오점 오픈.


   2010. 7 - New location ADDICTED Apgujeong Dosan park in Seoul / 에딕티드 이전 압구정 산공원 인근.


   2011. 9 - Opening 2nd store EDITION Garosu-gil in Sinsa Seoul / 에디션매장 오픈 가로수길 인근.


   2012. 3 - EDITION Co., Ltd established. / 법인화 (주)에디션 설립.


   2012. 4 - Opening a showroom EDITION Sinsa in Seoul / 쇼룸 에디션 오픈 가로수길 인근.


   2012. 5 - Launching E-store / 런칭


   2013. 8 - New location ADDICTED Flagship Store / 에딕티드 이전 압구정 로데오 인근.










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